It’s four o’two in Rochester NY and I’ve definitely set myself up for failure bc I have to go see my aunt I hate (well I hate most of my aunts tbh) and I really am going to need my strength for that


What are you?

yato and bishamon (◡‿◡✿)


If Silver ends up dying during this arc (which I’m almost 100% sure will happen) I can totally see Gray wearing that cross earring after that for the rest of the series

There were. A ton of shitty things about basic but one of the shittiest was no music. None. I mean there was cadence but that’s like weird sing-yelling?? Ah the dining facility would have music sometimes but I was so busy trying to scrub the food off my tray that I wasnt really paying attention.

And then this other lame ass song money (it’s not lame I’m really kidding it’s a pretty great song) by Pink Floyd I had to learn for fucking band senior year and it was such a bother. I got the sheet music for the first time and this shit is In a 7/4 time sig. And when you’ve played 2/4 3/4 4/4 most of your existence and you get handed some bullshit time sig like that you really want to strangle everyone around you.


the academy award goes to me for acting like i give a fuck

I remember the first time I listed to radiohead and I knew it was them (as in I consciously said I’m gonna listen to radiohead) the song was idioteque and it’s so bizarre thinking about it because that’s such a weird song to get caught up on. It was very much a departure from what I normally listened to I could only describe it as a shock. Like even listening to the whole album casually the song stands out to me

Fall is the best season but school ruins it


Pro Tip: Instead of having feelings, try being dead inside. Everything is still horrible but you will not care at all.


what if Jellal and Erza are about to kiss but then they stop 

oh wait that’s canon

im just really really unhappy about this whole situation with lok

Uma Thurman spankin that kid with her sword in kill bill vol 1 gives me strength

My prank voicemail is getting out hand